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Next level RSVP, Add to Calendar Button, Newsletter CTA, and more...

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The award-winning Button

The award-winning Button

Keeping Add to Calendar Buttons functional is an expensive pain.
It usually takes ongoing intensive IT support to work.

We handle this for you! With our battle-tested solution, you can be sure that users can add your events to their calendar.


RSVP Events

Make the same button transform into an RSVP form with a single click. Adjustable to your needs.

We take care of the processes and technology in the background. From GDPR-required Double-Opt-In to users updating their answer.

You get the results in your dashboard or as export (json, csv).

Follow-up CTA

Follow-up CTA

Combine the saving of events with a Call-to-Action (CTA). For example, to subscribe to your newsletter or to visit another product page.

This usually works perfectly within checkout flows.

Update or change this step without touching other parts of your website anytime.

Easy to implement.

For all Frontend Tech Stacks and Skill Levels.

All modern stacks supported

Our system supports all modern frontend stacks.
From plain HTML to React, Vue, Angular, and even WordPress.

Use our popular npm package or include the script via CDN.

jsDelivr CDN
npm i add-to-calendar-button
import 'add-to-calendar-button';

Implement in <1 minute

It takes almost no code to get started.

Go with the defaults or customize everything, when you need it.

API and Webhooks

Use our API to programmatically create events and manage data.

In addition, webhooks allow you to automatically notify other systems about changes.

Optimize your User's Journey.

Edit anytime. Push your Sales Goals.

Hook into the flow

Hook into the flow

Add to Calendar Buttons natively fit into your user's journey. They are not intrusive and enhance the user experience.

You can use this to your advantage. For example, by combining them with an integrated Newsletter sign-up form!

Customize it the "no-code" way

In the source code, the button or RSVP form is only represented by a single line of code. Everything else is customizable via our simple web app.

This enables you to customize things on the fly, without any technical knowledge and without touching the code base.

Share it everywhere

Besides integrating buttons and forms into your website, each event also owns its dedicated landingpage.

This is optimized to be shared on social media or basically everywhere else.

Additionally, you will find direct links and templates to use in emails.

Our Pricing. Simple, yet flexible.

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