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Features & Pricing

Add to Calendar Buttons

Add to Calendar Buttons

  • Edit it any time from the app
  • Extendable with a Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Shareable email links and landingpage
  • Optimized for social sharing
  • Auto-generated rich (structured) data for better SEO
Supported Calendars

Supported Calendars

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar
  • Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams
  • Yahoo Calender
  • Automatically generated iCal/ics files (for all other calendars and cases)
Event Types

Event Types

  • Timed and all-day events
  • One-time, multi-date, recurring
  • Calendar subscription
  • Robust time zone and daylight saving management
  • Dynamic dates (like "today + 3")


  • Custom fields
  • CSV and JSON export
  • Limit the amount of attendees
  • Define how many seats one can book
  • GDPR-required Double-Opt-In (DOI)
And much more

And much more

  • API access and webhook functionality
  • Collaboration - invite as many as you want
  • Two-Factor-Authentication
  • Fully customizable look and feel (dark and light mode)
  • Live preview and test functionalities
  • Full support for mouse, touch, or keyboard input (W3C WAI compliant)
  • Supporting 20+ languages, incl. RTL text for Arabic & Persian; but also custom labels and text blocks (i18n)
  • Powered by smart global CDN architecture for maximum performance
  • Security by Design
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