🎩 Scratching my own itch

The journey started in 2021, when I was planning my wedding with the love of my life.

I was building a website for this special event and was struggling when it came to finding a way, our guests could easily add the event to their calendar.

It started witht the save-the-date and RSVP for our own wedding

Researching the web, I only found either very expensive and limited solutions - or code snippets that did not work in many cases.

Side fact: The latter ones are still widely used, as they promise an easy solution. Somehow those people do not test their stuff or simply to not care that things are not working for most users - this includes very big companies, where Add to Calendar Buttons are quite essential to their business (like airlines).

Lacking a sufficient solution, I simply built it myself.

👨‍💻 Taking it open source

After an awesome wedding, I was thinking about how to make this solution available to others, as I was sure there are many people out there, who are struggling with the same problem.

The Add to Calendar Button open source project finally kicked off and got quite some attention.
It even rocketed in a way I did not imagine before.

People contributed in multiple ways, while I grew the team and stabilized everything over the next months.

What might be a surprise to many: Keeping this functionality up-to-date comes with quite some effort, as calendar providers are changing stuff quite frequently, while not really caring about their users - yes, I am talking about "Big Tech" here.

But the little garage project came to the help for thousands of projects, including famous companies like Chocolatery Software.

Over time, we collected more and more insights on bigger missing parts and shortcomings. This included RSVP functionalities or the option to generate stuff for emails.
The client-side solution also always had its issues with ics file generation in some cases. This is something, which cannot be changed by design without adding server-side support.
Additionally, there were many people still struggling with implementing the script, looking for an even easier solution.

🚀 Getting to a managed solution

So, I decided to ignite the next stage.
Building a managed solution on top of the open source project.

  • Doing it in a very transparent, fair, and authentic way.
  • Not faking things to trick you into something, but simply showing the facts.
  • Not keeping the focus super sharp, but covering all the learnings and requirements from the existing project.

This should become a tough journey, but as we put the users above everything else, it was the path we wanted to take.

And here we are. 🎉

Add to Calendar PRO holds everything, which helps you to optimize your event-based processes.

  • It helps you pushing your event marketing.
  • It helps you to make sure your customers are on time.
  • It opens up new ways of working and opportunities, while being fair to your budget.

Of course, this is not the end of the journey, but the beginning.

We are looking forward to support you with your projects and goals - may it be your own wedding, promoting and selling events, or simply optimizing your user's experience on your website.

Let's get the party started!

All the best,

Founder and Calendar Enthusiast

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