Data Privacy

Highest Standards!

Our services fully comply with GDPR, CPRA (fmr. CCPA), CalOPPA, and PECR, as we are based in Germany and need to deal with the maybe most strict supervision world-wide!

Our 3 Principles


We live transparency. We aim to inform you as best as possible without bombarding you with information. We don't hide anything and we don't try to deceive you.

Data Minimization

According to GDPR, we always strive to collect and store only as much data as absolutely necessary. No more and certainly nothing without your knowledge.

Privacy First

We give you space. We don't track you, follow you around, and we don't know you unless we do, because you signed up. Our services follow this idea as well.

Your Role and Responsibilities

We did our homework and also monitor our partners. However, you are responsible for your data and your users' data. The fact that we comply with GDPR does not automatically mean that you do when using our service!

Things you need to mind

  1. You need to comply with the law and need to inform your users for processing personal data, when, for example using things like RSVP events.
  2. You need to inform your users about the usage of our service and the data we process on your behalf.
  3. This information needs to be easily accessible and understandable. It can be quite generic, if you only use simple Add to Calendar buttons (there, our systems only log the technical data, like IP). It needs to be more precise, when your are using RSVP events or the "proxy" feature. In the RSVP case, we store the complete user input; in the "proxy" case, we can see the user's calendar choice.
  4. When using RSVP events, you need to activate the Double-Opt-In (DOI) option, unless you are using it behind a login, where you can be sure the user is already verified.
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