iCal/ics File Generation

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ics File Generation
All you need to know

What it is

Ics files (aka iCal Files) hold all event information, following a global standard (RFC 5545) and can be imported into any calendar application.

How you can benefit from it

When strictly following the guidelines, the iCal format ensures your events are accessible and easily added to users' personal calendars across various platforms.

Furthermore, adding such files to an email, usually leads to the email client recognizing the event and offering the user to save it to their calendar.

What to mind when selecting a provider

  1. Creating ics files is easy. Creating them in a way that works across all platforms, devices, and cases can be tough, as it requires proper time zone information and a lot of tiny details to comply with. Most fail here.
  2. That's why you should look for a provider that offers a reliable and robust iCal file generation service, which does include things like time zone management (incl. DST) and matching the attendee.

Our offer

At Add to Calendar PRO, we spent a lot of time creating an ics file generator, which does respect all those big and tiny details. We even open-sourced parts of it, so you can be sure that it is reliable and well-maintained.

  • Our iCal file generation service is fully compliant with the RFC 5545 standard, ensuring compatibility with all calendar applications and platforms.
  • We handle all the complexities of time zones, daylight saving time, and more, so you don't have to worry about the technical details.
  • Our ics files are automatically generated for each event and can be easily distributed via email, social media, or any other channel.
  • You can also generate them via our API and use them directly in your own applications or services - or checkout confirmation emails, for example.
  • With a proven track record of reliability and performance (fully transparent due to our open-source nature), Add to Calendar PRO is the ideal choice for simplifying your event distribution and management.

How to get started with Add to Calendar PRO

Getting started with Add to Calendar PRO is simple:

  1. Register:Sign up on our platform without any risk, as no credit card or subscription is required for registration and trial.
  2. Set it up:Create your first event and see the link to the generated ics file directly in the event details dashboard.
  3. Use and Test:Download the ics file and share it across all kinds of platforms (especially email).
  4. Evaluate and maybe try the API:Evaluate the power of the tool and maybe even try the ics generation via API (our documenation holds multiple guides for that).
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