RSVP Events and Forms

Collect and manage sign-ups for your events or products (aka Waitlist)

RSVP Management
All you need to know

What it is

"RSVP" stands for "Répondez s'il vous plaît" and is a French phrase that translates to "Please respond". RSVP events and forms are designed to collect user responses and registrations for events, products, or services.

These forms typically include fields for users to enter their name, email address, and other relevant information. They can also include more special fields to gather specific data from attendees.

How you can benefit from it

Using RSVP forms can greatly enhance your event planning and execution. By collecting detailed attendee information through custom fields, you can better understand your audience and tailor your event accordingly. Setting limits on attendees helps manage capacity and ensures a smooth event experience.

And this is not only about events!

You can use RSVP forms for any kind of sign-up or waitlist process. For example, you can use them to collect registrations for a product launch, webinar, or workshop. The possibilities are endless.

What to mind when selecting a provider

When selecting a provider for your RSVP events and forms, consider the following:

  1. Ensure the provider offers customizable RSVP forms with the ability to add custom fields and collect specific attendee data.
  2. Look for features like attendee limits and GDPR-compliant data collection (requires some Double-Opt-In management) to ensure a smooth and secure registration process.
  3. Check for options to integrate RSVP forms with your existing CRM or email marketing tools for seamless data management and communication.
  4. Consider the provider's pricing structure and ensure it aligns with your budget and event needs. Many are limiting the amount of attendees, which can be hardly predictable for you.

Our offer

Add to Calendar PRO offers a comprehensive solution for creating and integrating RSVP events and forms into your website or application.

  • Our tool supports customizable RSVP forms with the ability to add custom fields and collect specific attendee data.
  • With features like attendee limits, GDPR-compliant data collection, and integration options with CRM and email marketing tools (via API and Webhooks), you can ensure a smooth and secure registration process.
  • Collected data can be viewed within our application and exported as CSV or JSON files for further analysis and communication.
  • With a fair pricing structure and a proven track record of reliability, Add to Calendar PRO is the ideal choice for enhancing your event registration and sign-up process.

How to get started with Add to Calendar PRO

Getting started with Add to Calendar PRO is simple:

  1. Register:Sign up on our platform without any risk, as no credit card or subscription is required for registration and trial.
  2. Set it up:Create your first RSVP event (disable the event distribution for a non-time-bound simple signup) and use our intuitive setup process to customize and integrate the form into your website or app - or simply use the auto-generated landingpage.
  3. Publish and Test:Publish your event and test the RSVP form to ensure it works correctly. Share your RSVP via social media and email to expand its reach. When you register, you are automatically on a free trial.
  4. Monitor and Plan:Monitor the incoming responses and plan your event accordingly. Use the collected data to tailor your event to your audience and optimize your marketing strategy.
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