for (Product) Management

Your product is dealing with dates or events; meaning they are an important part of it or support the user's journey. This can go from delivery services to transportation to workshop, or basically anything that is time-bound.

You are looking for a simple way to enable your users saving an event to their calendar or signing up for an RSVP. You want to be sure that it works in all cases and is always up-to-date. Without huge development effort and costs.

👉 Why you should use our solution

We solve your case and here are the highlights:

  • You can cross-promote other services, like your newsletter. Perfectly integrated into the RSVP or Add-to-Calendar flow.
  • You can adjust the RSVP to your needs.
  • Things are editable from our application and do not require code changes.
  • You can trust us. We are open source born and live transparency. Our technology is actively used by millions of users world-wide.
  • We offer our services at a fair price. No hidden costs. No hard to control cost drivers.

✨ One example to go beyond

Make your user be on time.

Imagine users booking a specific consulting service with a dedicated time slot. At the checkout, right before the confirmation page, you dynamically create a new event for them via our API. This returns you a key. At the confirmation page, you only need to put this key at the Add to Calendar Button and your users can save their slot into their calendar.

After the checkout, you might also trigger a confirmation email. Simply attach the ics file to it, that we already generated in the background for you. This enables the user to save the event directly from the email.

for Marketing

You are responsible for people signing up for your events, newsletters, and other stuff.

This requires well thought UX and UI, so people enjoy your offering and convert; which needs developers building it.

You budget is rather limited in terms of development resources.

👉 Why you should use our solution

We solve your case and here are the highlights:

  • Connect events and RSVP sign-ups with cross-promoted newsletters and more.
  • Edit all the details without touching the code base. No need to beg for development resources.
  • Find shareable stuff for every channel. From email links to landingpages with dynamic Social Media preview images.
  • SEO optimized with auto-generated Schema.org rich (structured) data.

✨ One example to go beyond

You are usually also confronted with analytics and reporting.

Our code automatically pushes events into the dataLayer for Google's event tracking.

You can also use the webhooks feature to push data to Google Analytics.
(More details on that...)

Everything, again, without the need of changing the code base.

for Software Engineering

You need to deal with the development of ics generation, Add to Calendar Buttons, or RSVP forms. You want to be sure that it works in all cases and is always up-to-date.

You realize this is super ugly, as...

  • time zones and daylight saving are a pain;
  • calendar specs change frequently without any documentation;
  • there are almost unlimited edge cases due to restrictions on the browser, OS, and device level.

→ aka huge effort for a simple task with usually high expectations.

👉 Why you should use our solution

We solve your case and here are the highlights:

  • All modern frontend stacks supported.
  • npm package and CDN.
  • 2 lines setup + 1 line implementation.
  • Let the product and marketing teams handle change requests.
  • Open source background - from devs for devs.
  • Extendable via API, webhooks, and more.

✨ One example to go beyond

You want to invest more than those 3 lines of code.

With our API and webhook functionality, you can programmatically create events and manage data. With the "atcb_action" function at the Add to Calendar Button script, you can also basically make every UI element an Add to Calendar Button.

Opening an RSVP form and pushing the answer to your CRM system? No problem and done within minutes.

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