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You are using and want to integrate our service? Great!

It is easy and can be done in minutes. However, you need to be aware of 2 different cases.


Official Wix App

from the Wix App Market

When using the official Wix App, you can add Add to Calendar Buttons directly within Wix. To do this, you need to purchase our app in the Wix App Market. You can find it under "Add to Calendar Button".

This app is NOT connected with the PRO service. It is a standalone app that only offers the basic functions, but is easier to use and cheaper. If you want to use the PRO functions, such as RSVP, you have to integrate our service manually. This is the other case.

Go to the Wix App Market

PRO Integration

manual integration

If you need more control over your buttons or RSVP events, you should not use the app from the Wix App Market, but integrate our PRO service. For this, a registration on this page is necessary. You can then find instructions for the Wix integration in our documentation.

The integration of the PRO service is also very easy, but still requires more technical understanding and maintenance than the app. We recommend testing both for free in case of doubt.

Integration Documentation

Legal Note!

When using the app from the Wix App Market, the terms and conditions as well as privacy policy of apply in addition to the terms and privacy policy of Add to Calendar PRO linked below. Note that the latter deviate from our regular terms and privacy policy in this case!

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